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About Us

Our company is a husband and wife team run by us, Tamir & Noa Zuman, in Israel. The company began as a small jewelry shop 35 years ago by Tamir Zuman. It then started producing its own designs 28 years ago during which Tamir was responsible for the company management and jewelry design. The company experienced significant growth at this stage and then 18 years ago Noa came on board to design the collections and has been doing this ever since. Today, the company has about 70 employees and sells its products on every continent, under the brandes ," Noa Zuman " , "Zuman Jewelry " , "Tamir Zuman Jewelry ". Notes from the designer, Noa Zuman- We come out with a new collection every 3 months. Each collection is inspired by different influences such as the seasons, nature, my travels and the beautiful surroundings in which I live. I am also a bit hyperactive so I like to put an element of “movement” in my designs. I also like to include current trends in jewelry and fashion such as seasonal colors and designs. And of course, my husband provides me with wonderful advice and ideas. A big part of our jewelry is set with ancient Roman glass, the ancient Roman glass is excavated from archeological sites in Israel, and creating jewelry from the ancient glass is very exciting and different. My own personal background is as an artist. I remember designing my first piece of jewelry when I was 10 years old. My friends liked my designs so much and insisted on paying me a quarter for my work. One thing that I am very proud of in the company is the type of work environment we provide to our employees. It’s important for me to work in an open and friendly environment. It’s not unusual for us to all sit down together for lunch. Being able to talk freely with the employees helps keep me creative and creates a nice atmosphere for everyone.
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